Issue 9 The Editorial

Welcome to the lost issue of Bump & Snore number 9. It has been over 20 years in the wilderness but finally it has decided to pop it’s head out of crevasse it has been hiding in.

A lot has happened between issue 8 and 9. Some great and some terrible. The elephant in the room we need to address and most would ask is, why did it take us over 20 years to publish? There is no easy way to say or write this but when we were in the midst of collating Issue 9 Dean ended his life.

You will understand what a terrible shock and blow this was for all who knew Dean, family and friends, which even now still affects me as I write this. As such the loss of one of the core artists, creators and drivers of B&S almost meant the end for B&S. It became extreme- ly difficult and painful for Bruce and I to rekindle the spark as the bike Diablo had lost one of it’s wheels.

Though Dean was no longer with us the wheel of life kept turning and other things, work, kids, travel, etc kept jumping up and distracted us. But finally after Bruce moved back to Australia, after several years working abroad, he found the original collated issue number 9 (he had kept it all this time) and decided to kick my ass into action (I need a kick sometimes).

Fortunately you will find a lot of Dean’s art and writing in this issue, including the front cover. You will also find some of the original submissions from 20 years ago and some new ( some even made on the day we were collat- ing this comic). Also it gives me great pride introduce

the next generation of Bump and Snore agents, Dean’s daughter Impi, Bruce’s daughters Arabella and Jasmine and my daughter Charlotte and their spectacular comics in this issue.

I know Dean would be exploding with pride at this mo- ment, certainly Jason and I are. Having such amazing young ladies as these pick up the pencil, dip their nibs in the inkwell and get their thoughts on paper forced us out of retirement.

What is so exciting about this bumper issue is not just the fact it exists at all, but that it also reunites so many great comicians. Mandy Ord, Dean Tarjavaara, Ben Hutchings, Mark Arnott, Jason Wade, Bruce Taylor, Bridget Lafferty, Anna Brown and Neville O’Neill (where are you Nev?) to name a few.

So, here we are, 22 years later from the original Issue 9 cover and finally i am writing an editorial, using a computer and doing publicity on Facebook, Twitter (@ AndSnore) and other things that we never thought of last time out.

We can’t promise we’ll put another of these out, so, here, enjoy this one, Bump and Snore Issue 9, I hope it’s been worth the wait. A huge thanks to Gail, Annie, Caro and so many others who helped us as we set to get this beast out the door .

Please sit back crack a beer and flick through this issue/tome. It is packed full of memories, hopes and is a celebration of the craziness that is Bump and Snore.